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Kateleios (Greek: Κατελειός) is a village in the municipal unit of Eleios-Pronnoi, some 35 km SE of Argostoli, 15 km S of Poros and 7 km SW of Skala, in the southeast of Kefalonia, one of the Ionian Islands of Greece. Located at the western end of Mounda Bay, and separated from the main bay by a small outcrop of rocks, Katelios is situated in a large, flat plain between the villages of Hionata, Mavrata, Markopoulo, and Ratzakli. Ano Katelios, the old village, is where most of the small resident population live.

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Kato Katelios is a seaside village with a sand and shingle beach and is 32 km from the island's capital of Argostoli. Katelios is famous for its fresh fish and if you like fishing, you can catch your own! This rural setting is a paradise for lovers of nature so if you enjoy walking, discovering rare plants and birds, then bring some comfortable shoes and follow the local footpaths

The location of Katelios is very un-commercialised, the largest number of visitors being the loggerhead turtles. If you are interested in the protection of the caretta caretta turtles, who love the sandy beaches in the area, take a visit to the Katelios Environmental group, who have set up a small museum and information centre. The local bus service runs from Katelios to Skala and along the coastal road to Poros or in the other direction to Argostoli. Car hire recommended.

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